Monday, February 23, 2009

Mmmmm, Deployments Are So...

So...I definitely didn't post yesterday like I said I would, but what's new there? I'm just going to pretend like everybody understands that I am really unreliable with blogging and assume that you don't hold it against me. That way I don't have to go thru the whole 'making excuses' thing and skip to the good parts! I will mention my ridiculous anti-social behavior; I wish I could explain it but I can't. I also won't be making any apologies, so I'm sorry if that's what you were looking, never mind. Just know that I'm okay, I'm not trying to hurt anyone, and I mean no disrespect. I'm following my feelings and that's all I can give you right now.

Ok, a little of my life circa the recent past/present. At this present moment Beth and I are 1.5 months into her deployment so things have been a little left of normal for me. I've been eating the heck out of some chips and salsa. Herdez makes the most aMAYYYYYZING salsa in the whole wide world(besides homemade of course!)! I'm learning how incredibly lonely coming home to an empty house every day can make me. I'm watching a TON of the TV show Veronica Mars, it's a great show and also never fails to teach me a lesson on humanity. I've been GLUED to hotmail for the past 6 weeks...if you want to get a hold of me quickly, THAT would be your best bet. I wouldn't expect miracles though, Beth takes priority and let me tell you, that girl can write a WICKED email!! Our apartment is a disaster area. I SWEAR I'm in the process of hoeing out, but would understand if you were reluctant to believe me on that one. I've been doing the most random things at the most random times. Like starting to empty and
 clean the fridge two seconds after walking in the door from work, still in uniform, boots and hat and all. I reserve this right to randomness in accordance with the Deployed Significant Other Handbook. Oh, you've never heard of that handbook? Well I'm sure it's out there and I'm sure THAT is in there! For the most part chaos reigns with intermittent times of semi-normalcy, like during Beth and my almost weekly multi hour video chats on Skype, returning for much too quick visits.  Well, I don't want to bore you so I will wrap it up. That was just a small sample of my life over the last few endlessly quick weeks. It's really been an enlightening time of my life and I've been SO thankful for it, regardless of my distaste for chaos.

As an honorable mention in this blog about deployment, I have to introduce our new camera!

The exquisite Canon EOS 50D that I have only a vague idea of how to use...I'm learning though! You point it and you shoot it, right?? Yea, not quite so easy there feller.  Here are a few shots I took on Sunday when I was supposed to be blogging...I have to work on my composition mucho.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

I will be blogging later today!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here's some pictures from leave, and the modifications we've made since being back! Enjoy!

Here is a shot of this pace in Central Washington near The Gorge! It was breathtaking!

Here is the view of what is directly behind the above picture! They call these the feathers for some crazy reason...

Beth and I on our last day with her Mom and Kevin

Me in New Mexico shooting Daniel's Glock!

Beth's target

My Target!
Beth and I on my last day of leave having fun cutting off my beard

Our new living room arrangement!

Our new items, the mirror and the tv!

A good view of the living room!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Mountain that Never Stops Growing...

Today is the day I am supposed to be a Staff Sergeant but unfortunately I am unable to because I have to graduate from Airman Leadership School first. Yes, my time has come to be tormented by evil instructors itching to drive you to the breaking point...ok, that may be a little melodramatic but it sure seems that way sometimes! Beth got her turn, and she had to go thru this when I was deployed so I really shouldn't be complaining. She has been incredible and I am very lucky to have her here for ME since she knows exactly what's going on! She cooks me food, listens to me complain, tells me to deal with it(haha!), and puts up with my grumpy stressed out-ness, and this is only day 6...YIKES...good thing there's a pay raise at the end of this class!! 

This is just some of the homework I have for today...!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

(one of)The Purchase(s)!

I enjoy throwing darts! I find it relaxing unlike most sports or other forms of entertainment. That I am halfway decent at darts helps of course. Since I learned to throw dart I have always played with whatever darts I could get my hands on, I didn't feel like I was worthy to own my own set of darts or I couldn't justify spending the money on them because I didn't play enough. Really though it was just because the only place I tended to play, a japanese bar called Mets, had house darts that I threw really well. Unfortunately though those darts fell prey to wear and tear and are now all but extinct(I knew I should have swiped a set when they still had them, haha). The last few times I have played there I haven't been able to scrounge 3 of the same darts that I used to play with and have had to throw other inferior darts and that is just unacceptable. So I finally broke down and bought my own! We ended up paying about $100 for them, and I have high hopes for them! One of the first times I threw them I ended up throwing a hat trick(three bullseyes in one round!)! I will need to get used to them but I know they will improve my consistency which has always been my biggest struggle.

Ps. Sorry for the long absence, time flies so fast if I'm not careful before I know it I've not posted for a month but it seems like a week. Crazy how that happens...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

End of a LONG Week!

Friday was the last day of our week long Operational Readiness Inspection which we have been preparing for for the last 2 years!!! It has been a VERY long and stressful week, and we won't know how we did on it until Wednesday, but the hard part of this ORI is OVER! 

Beth and I had to do something a little different this week for lunches. The people in charge of the inspection make all eateries off limits and we couldn't go to the chow hall for ridiculous reasons so we made our own lunches. Beth went to the commisary and picked up some food stuffs and then every night before we went to bed we would put together our lunches(so we didn't have to do it before work at 4:00 in the morning). We had ham sandwiches with swiss cheese and honey mustard for the main course the first few days. Beth would have a few Luna bars, some yogurt, some Sunkist fruit snacks, and a piece of fruit for snacks throughout the day. I would have some trail mix, some fruit snacks, some Sechuan barbeque rice chips(they are AWESOME!), a piece of fruit, and a couple of cookies! We also made some chili for dinner one night and  had a TON left over so we had it for lunch too. 

We were usually pretty wore out by the time we got home at night, plus Beth had class, so I would make something very quick and easy for dinner. I was having some trouble once we ran out of leftover chili until I looked in our cupboard and saw that we had some pesto sauce all ready to go(just add the cheese)! So...about 16 minutes later dinner was served! It really was actually pretty good and quite filling, too.

Friday night we were both not feeling like cooking anything but I was hungry. After pulling everything out of the fridge that could possibly be eaten and some serious debating, we finally decided on an omelet(which ended up turning into scrambled eggs because the pan was kinda small). This omelet had some of everything in it, let me tell you! First we sauteed some garlic and onions, then added turkey(I pulled a pre-made sandwich apart for that, ha ha!), spinach, portobello mushrooms, cilantro, broccoli, and sun dried tomato's! After we heated all that up we threw in a couple or 3 eggs, added a few twists of pepper and salt, then topped it off with some sharp cheddar cheese!! I can't even describe to you how good it smelled! Honestly, I couldn't believe how delicious it smelled, and the pan we cooked it in was the perfect size,  I just kind of plopped it out onto a plate, and this is what it ended up looking like:

If only pictures could capture smell as well!

I know its pitch black outside. That's because it was 9:30 at night, and what better time to make scrambled eggs than 9:30 at night?!

Had to capture this from ALL angles!

I don't know if you can tell but I was seriously restraining myself right there! I  couldn't WAIT to bite into it! It was delicious! One of the best dinners I've ever had! It may have been because I was pretty much starving, though:) 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not a lot of time:(

Sunrise from the front porch! They are ALWAYS amazing!

Sorry I haven't updated, we are on overtime this week for a readiness inspection at my base. 
I gotta go to sleep soon(and eat, and take a shower, and all that fun stuff) but I just want to say, once again, that it is SO nice to be home! I would so much rather be on overtime here in Japan than in Afghanistan! Over there it is cold, windy, no friends/girlfriend, no color, no normal people, and its just plain miserable. Here it is somewhat warm, there are friends and girlfriend, a kitchen to make YUMMY food in, and its getting even more green outside! Yes there are dogs that whine incessantly sometimes, bad traffic, phone calls from work in the middle of sleepytime, and more overtime, but trust me, its ALL worth it to be home! 

Anyway, thats what is still on my mind even after being home for 2 1/2 weeks...I know it's kinda pathetic but I do love it here!

I will catch up with you later!